Location, location, location…..

One of the amazing benefits of the Calo program is the picturesque lakeside setting. Our setting offers our students and their families a soothing, peaceful and yet engaging environment for growth and healing to occur. 

Lake Ozark, Missouri is located on the shores of Lake of the Ozarks in south central Missouri. The Lake of the Ozarks measures more than ninety miles in length and has several tributaries supplying it. In total, it has over 1,100 miles of shoreline in four different Missouri counties. The massive body of water backed up behind Bagnell Dam is the largest manmade lake in the Midwestern United States and is a popular vacation spot for residents from all parts of the country. The area contains more than 200 lakeside resorts, hotels, motels and camp grounds. 

There are two state parks in the Lake Ozark area:  Lake of the Ozarks State Park is the Largest State Park in the state of Missouri with about 17,000 acres and Ha Ha Tonka State Park is the newest State Park in Missouri purchased in 1978. It comprises about 2,400 acres on the Niagua Arm of Lake of the Ozarks.

Calos facility is located on fifteen acres with 700ft of waterfront. Calo utilizes the natural beauty of our surroundings to enhance and grow our recreation therapy program through wakeboarding, water skiing, fly fishing, canoeing, swimming, camping, rope course activities, climbing and bouldering.  Our students have also created a walking trail for our golden retrievers as well as participating in a variety of service projects on campus designed to help students connect with nature. One upcoming project that our students are excited about is creating a canine obstacle course for canine training.  Please feel free to peruse our website for pictures of our students enjoying our location, location, location.