Meet Shellie Gavette, Administrative Coordinator

Shellie Gavette has been an employee since the day Calo opened its doors. She is a valued member of the Calo team. Shellie graduated from Eldon High School in May of 1998.  That summer she began working for the State of Missouri.  In August she went to school and received her Associates Degree in Business Administration.  While employed with the State of Missouri Shellie gave birth to her two beautiful children, James and Paige. In 2007 she met Dr. Ken Huey and learned about a new residential treatment facility opening in Lake Ozark, MO.  She was interested in a residential coaching position, but wondered if it would be a good fit.  She took a chance and joined the Calo team. She was soon promoted from a residential coaching position to a lead residential coaching position (also called a shift lead level I).  She enjoyed the learning experience that came with watching Calos growth in meeting the needs of both staff and students. She notes  It has been the most trying and most rewarding job I have ever had. After being a shift lead level I for nine months, she was promoted to a shift lead level II.  The promotion didnt come easily, as with all staff there was a lot of training and countless hours of work involved.  During her time as a shift lead level II she was nominated Employee of the Year.  She stated, This was a great accomplishment for me.  Who would have known I could grow to know so much and be great at what I wondered intially if I could do at all?  What an amazing experience this has been and continues to be!

Shellie recently accepted the newly created position of Administrative Coordinator.  She assists the departments of admissions, human resources, academics; completes audits for licensure and JCAHO requirements and continues to learn and grow within Calo. She has also recently become engaged.  Shellie feels that she has accomplished many things in her life, saying who could ask for more?  I have a beautiful family, an amazing fiancé, a great career, and wonderful relationships."