Meet David Livingston

David Livingston grew up in Wichita, Kansas in a family of 5 including his twin brother. After graduation he attended college at Wichita State University.  David was married to Sheila and started his family working as a police officer in Wichita. He worked over thirty years with the Wichita Police Department and then relocated his wife and three sons to Southern California.  They lived in California for the next 30 years.  During that time, David and Sheila lead mission teams and medical missions all over the world through their ministry "Worldwide Compassion International".  Their work travels included Cambodia; Gambia, W. Africa; Bethleham; Sevastopol and Simferopol, Ukraine; Nepal; and Armenia, Mexico and Brazil.  David’s work experience included Vice President of Wells Fargo security services.  David also owned Classic Wheels Corporation which provided antique automobiles made between 1907 and 1964 to the movie industry.   The 602 antique cars were used in many movies such as The Big Sting, Karate Kid, and Labamba.  

David and Sheila want to spend the next 20 years working with Christian organizations teaching familys to put their children first in their daily lives.  They believe that children are, "the vision we send into the future".