Meet Jennifer Robinson- Assistant Academic Director

Jennifer Robinson, Assistant Academic Director, just had her two year anniversary at Calo.  She has lived in the lake area all of her life and attended high school at School of the Osage. After graduation, Jennifer attended the University of Central Missouri to pursue a degree in education.  She has always had a desire to help children of all ages learn and grow in their academic studies. After working as a second grade teacher for several years, Jennifer began teaching at Calo in the summer of 2008.

Within a short period of time it was obvious that she was more than just a teacher, she was a leader and a vital part of the academic team. She was promoted to assistant academic director in the fall of 2008.  Her attention to detail and drive for perfection make her the perfect fit for the position.  Jennifer states that it gives her a sense of accomplishment in knowing she helps to make a difference in the lives of her students.   

Life changes are quickly approaching for Jennifer, in just 4 short weeks, she will be getting married and our Calo students will need to learn a new name; she will no longer be Ms. Robinson, she will be Mrs. Rosa.  Thank you Jennifer, Calo is blessed to have you as a dedicated member of the Academic Department.