Meet Keith Buschjost, Team Lead

Keith Buschjost was born in Wardsville, Missouri.  His family moved from Missouri to Colorado to Tennessee and after his parents divorced, Keith was raised by his grandparents in St. Thomas, Missouri.  His grandparents live on a farm and taught Keith about hard work, manners, honesty and trust.  He credits them with teaching him the importance of family and relationships.  He says he’s always wanted to share that with others.

After high school, Keith joined the Navy and spent three years traveling extensively.  His favorite travels took him to Venice where he felt the history and peacefulness of the culture was a wonderful experience.  After serving three years actively in the Navy, Keith returned to the states.  He soon went to work for Cole County Juvenile Office and spent nine years supervising and working with youth.

Keith has three daughters, Autumn 9, Cali 4, and Jacoby 2.  He talks about how beautiful his daughters are and shows great pride in being a single father to Autumn since the age of 6 months.  He has two brothers, one younger who serves in the Marine Corps and one older.  Other family members live in Jefferson City and include 12 aunts and uncles.

In June of 2009 Keith moved to Lake of the Ozarks and found Calo.  He says that Calo teaches students and staff about real relationships, about the importance of family environment and he feels it has given him the opportunity to give back.   Keith says, "Calo is an amazing facility and I love my work".