Meet Kim Hanzlik, Math Teacher

Kim was born in Central City, Nebraska and moved to Kearney, Nebraska when she was one years old.  She remained in Kearney until she graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney in December of 1994 with a Bachelor’ s of Art Degree in Elementary and Physical Education.  After graduation she began teaching in Niobrara, Nebraska where she met her husband, Duane, of 12 years.  About 6 years ago, Duane and Kim decided to move their family of five to the Lake area to pursue her husband’s fishing career.  Kim has three children, Robert, Zach, and Payton who keep her extremely busy with all of their extra curricular activities.  In her spare time Kim enjoys reading, walking her dog, playing the Wii Fit Plus with her family, and jamming out on her keyboard.  She also volunteers at her local church helping teach the Wednesday night Bible Drill, Children’s Church on Sunday morning every fourth month, and working nursery duty every third Sunday morning. 

Kim came to Calo last August as a tutor, where shortly after she was asked to become the math teacher.  She truly loves her job helping the students discover that they really don’t hate math as much as they think they do.  And that yes, they will eventually understand it, and yes it will take hard work!  Since Kim was a little girl she knew that at sometime in her life she would be working with troubled youth.  Kim says last fall that dream became a reality for her and she couldn’t be happier working anyplace else.  "It is such a joy to wake up and look forward to going to work and seeing what new challenges can be conquered", she says.