Meet Mike Tietmeyer

Mike grew up spending plenty of time with his grandfather who was one the founders and owners of the Bagnell Dam Strip. As a child he would set up small stands on the strip and enjoyed meeting new people more than selling his trinkets. As a young adult he learned of a church sponsored program, The Masters Commission. At 19, Mike traveled to Japan with several other members of the Masters Commission and spent 3 months volunteering in orphanages and studying Japanese culture and religion. After returning home, he began preparing for his second trip. Mike went to Thailand for the following nine months. He spent these months teaching English to Hill Tribes and Thai children grades 4-6 while studying Thai, Japanese and Chinese.

At 21, Mike returned to the Lake and met Rebecca. They were married in 2004 and today have four children ranging in age from 3 years to 8 weeks old. After working as an insurance broker, Mike joined Calo in April of 2009 as a Residential Coach and says that he loves the positive lifestyle, the changes that he sees in students as they learn about trust and communication. He admires his co-workers and feels that Calo is a living and breathing company.

Mike was recently promoted to Team Lead and his peers chose him to represent all coaches on the newly created staff council.