Meet Misti Puckett

Misti Puckett was born and raised in South Dakota with 2 older adopted siblings.  Misti played softball in high school, enjoyed reading and graduated in 1997.  She met Travis and they married in 2001 and have two children, Raine 12 and Gavin 6.

Misti and Travis visited Lake Ozark, MO to spend time with Mistis brother who is a Lake Ozark Police Officer.  They enjoyed the area and made it their home in 2009.  Misti joined Calo in August of 2009 as a Residential Coach, Travis joined the team shortly thereafter. 

Misti advanced to her current position of Neurofeedback Administrator and says, It was a huge opportunity and it gives me the opportunity to help our students and I can work with the students individually.

(See Neurofeedback 101)  Neurofeedback is a way of eavesdropping on brain activity to treat many psychological and physical disorders by training the brainwaves to operate at a more optimal level.  It is a noninvasive therapy that has been proven to help aggression, depression, anxiety, attachment issues, sleep disturbances, ADHD, PTSD, and so much more.

Misti is currently enrolled in Columbia College and pursuing a degree in Human Services.  She reports that to date she has read over 1000 books and continues to read in her spare time.