New to Academics: Park City Independent

We sent out a letter to parents just a few days ago announcing some enhancements to our academic program. That letter came from Wayne, our Academic Director. I am including it here for all to see. I am sure Wayne will have more to say about this on a future blog. Here is the letter we sent out:

Dear Calo Parents,

We have some exciting news for you. As you know, we are constantly evaluating every aspect of our program at Calo. We are always listening to parents and our students to come up with solutions to problems. We have listened to you and are excited about some new developments in academics that will significantly enhance our offering.

Calo has been in development for some time now with an amazing organization called Park City Independent. Park City Independent is a fully accredited school and will partner with Calo in providing classes to our students. This is in addition to our current offerings which include BYU Online, Seminar, art classes, piano classes, history classes, Sunday Science, the Womens Summit, the Mens Summit, physical education, and Reading.

Teaching and instruction is web-based. This is not an on-line class in the limited, traditional sense.  On-line classes are essentially textbooks on your computer screen.  This is not effective.  It is rather boring and does not hold the attention of students.

Park City delivers web-based, interactive instruction.  Instruction includes streaming video and audio from certified instructors, live chat with instructors, live help with computer issues, and interactive lessons designed with cutting edge technologies. Your child will be provided with an orientation and helped along every step of the way as this is added to our comprehensive academic program.

Park City is nationally accredited through (NAAS) the Northwestern Association of Accredited Schools. Their credits are accepted nationwide.  Your child will be provided a transcript (graduates with a certified diploma) which is fully backed by the NAAS.  Calo academics is committed to providing your student with a variety of methods of instruction delivery.  Your child will continue to experience the traditional classroom, guest speakers, field trips, special programs, one-on-one instruction, and individualized instruction.  Web-based learning will simply be added to this overall approach.

You wanted easily transferable credits. We are delivering on this with Park City. You wanted quick response time as your students academic needs demand. We believe Park City will provide that response. You wanted quantitative data on progress. You will see in the near future how Park City facilitates this desire

Warm Regards,

Wayne Juliano, Academic Director