Opportunites Abound at Parent Retreat

The upcoming Calo Parent Retreat (May 10th-11th) is an exciting time for parents/guardians to immerse themselves in connective opportunities.  One of the primary opportunities that the Parent Retreat presents is the chance to be a Coach to your student while receiving the support of the Calo staff.  Being a Coach to the student means showing consistent care while modeling appropriate boundaries, setting limits, being playful, becoming vulnerable, maintaining physical and emotional safety, expressing empathy, and experiencing joy.  Taking on this Coaching role is a huge responsibility, but one that is necessary to establish safety and communicate unconditional care for the student. 

Students require this level of care because they have often tried so hard to compromise the unconditionally caring/safe relationship of the parents/guardian due to their early trauma associated with various forms of abandonment, abuse, neglect, developmental trauma, etc.  Fully trusting a safe parental figure is often the hardest and scariest opportunity for these students to allow themselves to enjoy.  Our parents are all too familiar with the tireless efforts they have put in to evidencing unconditional love, trust, and connection, while getting all forms of resistance, resentment, and opposition pushed back onto them.  That is why the Parent Retreat is a perfect opportunity to practice implementing this type of relationship while receiving the support and assistance from staff, therapists, and Leadership team in order to keep all parties safe. 

 The Coaching role is very similar to the parent role, but is just different in that the level of physical intimacy (safe touch) and verbal intimacy (verbal expression of love) is more intense with the parent role.  Otherwise, the student is experiencing consistency with Doing what is best for them, not necessarily what they Want, being able to express empathy for emotions that the student may be feeling (rejection, shame, happiness, sadness, loneliness, etc.),  de-escalating situations through assisting in emotional and physical regulation (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity, and Empathy), setting consistent boundaries/limits related to emotional and physical safety, and being able to maintain Closeness if that is what the student requires.

In addition to the Parental/Coaching role, there is opportunity to develop relationships with other parents/guardians, spend quality time with primary therapist, get to know staff, and participate in numerous fun and meaningful activities.  The Parent Retreat is rapidly approaching and is designed for all families who are a part of Calo.  Take the opportunity to experience real growth and connection this spring.