A thought from one of our parents….

"I have had, as a parent, far too much involvement with treatment facilities, counselors and hospitals than anyone should have to. I have found Calo to be the best facility that I have had dealings with. The staff, counselors, teachers etc. etc. have impressed me greatly with the care and communication that should be the standard for these situations. If you would like, I will talk to anyone that would like a biased and experienced view of how our children should be treated. I have placed my daughter in your facility which you were kind enough to make many exceptions to have her. I also have her sister placed in a facility in South Carolina getting help with her problems voluntarily. There is no comarison between the two level IV facilities. I only wish you had been around and we could have gotten your kind of help for her sister when she was as young. I believe she would have had a much better chance at dealing with growing up and learning how to trust the people that love her. I would gladly challenge anyone writing stories to do a comparison of what I have seen. The truth is on Calo’s side here."