Parent Orientation

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

Confused by some of the Calo language?  Is the Calo model still a bit foreign?  Feel like you are on a rollercoaster of progress?  Wondering what to do after Calo?

We are here to help!  On the eve of our parent retreat, Wednesday May 9th, please join us for a parent dinner at 5:15 PM in our Calo conference room.  After dinner begins we will have a presentation aimed to help parents better understand the ins and outs of Calo, navigate the ups and downs of residential treatment and predict and prepare for post Calo life.  Some of you may have been through this presentation at prior seminars or retreats.  If not, we hope to see you there.  The orientation will be conducted by a few of our therapists.  Please RSVP attendance with your Calo therapist.  We expect to finish a bit after 7 PM.