Our Parent Retreat is rapidly approaching and you do not want to miss the opportunity to receive specific training on how best to intervene with your child while creating meaningful and safe experiences.  The Retreat begins on Wednesday afternoon (5:15-7:30pm) where parents will enjoy our Parent Orientation and receive information on the expectations of treatment, clinical model, and ways to be an asset in the treatment journey.  The orientation is a great time to get to know other parents and become familiar with the Calo family.

The following day, Thursday, begins the official start of the Parent Retreat.  It begins early (breakfast starting at 8:15am) and it starts off with an interactive seminar called Equipped to Connect; Training for Parents where parents will receive specific training on how to intervene effectively with your child.  This time will be geared to providing training on what to do when things are getting tense and your child is becoming dysregulated, ready to blow, shut down, angry, etc.  The seminar will provide a framework for interacting in ways that allow the parents to set and keep safe boundaries and expectations while creating a meaningful experience.  The seminar is followed by a host of experiential activities to practice these interventions and eat, play, and engage with others from Calo.  This experience ends on Friday afternoon with a final gathering and a slide show that captures the power of the retreat.  This truly is a time not to miss and is an integral part of the Calo experience.  Schedule the date and let your therapist know that you will be attending.  More details will be available soon. We look forward to seeing you there.