Parent Retreat Q&A

Dear parents & guardians,

We are getting very excited about having you join us for our upcoming retreat in just a few weeks. Soon you will be packing and making trip preparations. To that end, here are a few answers to questions that might arise. If you have additional questions, please contact me directly at (866) 753-1365 or

·         Will you be providing bedding or towels?

o   Calo will arrange for students attending to have their sleeping bag, pillow, and towel.  However, parents will need to arrange for their own items.  Some of you may wish to bring sheets and blankets and some of you may prefer a simple sleeping bag.  One idea for those not wanting to bring bedding is to wait and buy a sleeping bag, pillow, or towel at a store after you land at the airport or here in town at Target or one of our Wal-marts.  Obviously, if everyone is waiting to come to the lake to buy these supplies I am not sure if the stores will have enough sleeping bags in stock.  

·        Do I need to bring any food or snacks?

o   You may bring your own snacks but Calo will be providing water, drinks and a variety of snacks.  Based on past retreats, it is doubtful you will go hungry.

·         How strenuous will this be?

o   We will try to be sensitive and understanding of any physical limitations parents may have.  Wearing comfortable clothing and good walking shoes is a must.  It would also be wise to rest up before the retreat as we do want to maximize our time together.

·         What will the weather be like?

o   Springtime in Missouri is both beautiful and unpredictable. Check the weather forecasts before the trip but plan on fluctuating temperatures both day and night and prepare for rain and wind.  Please also see the packing list from my previous post.

·         What are the costs for this?  Do I need to bring any spending money?

o   Our plan is for parent retreats to continue to be a part of tuition. This Spring retreat is no different as there are no additional costs to parents.  

o   Depending on future locations and costs, we may ask parents to pay a portion of the expenses.  However, we will do everything to create a variety of experiences on our retreats while trying to keep costs down.  So far we feel like we have done that. 

·         What are the cabins, duplexes and facilities like?

o   Some of our parents will be in cabins and some will be in small duplexes.  The cabins are large and have up to 14 or so beds but will likely be occupied by only one family so there is privacy.  Large bathhouses are located close to the cabins. The duplexes are smaller with two bedrooms in each unit.  We are planning on placing two families in each duplex (a family in each room).  The duplexes have a bathroom. The campus is beautiful, spacious, a bit spread out, right on the lake and is used seasonally as a youth summer camp.

·         What if I have an off campus or home visit right after the retreat?

o   Please be in close contact with your Calo therapist about such plans.  We want to make the transition as smooth as possible so families are able to leave the retreat and immediately begin home visits without an extra return trip to Calo if possible.  In order for this to happen your therapist needs details (exact times of visits, medication expectations, off campus belongings needed, etc.)

·         When do I need to show up and when will it end?

o   Please arrive at Calo on Thursday morning around 8:00am but no later than 8:15am.  Please head straight to the conference room for breakfast.  The retreat will end around 3PM on Friday.

·         My child is asking for me to bring his I-Pod, l-Pad, and/or I-Phone.  What should I do?

o   Tell him you are looking forward to the retreat focusing on your relationship and you would rather not have distractions.  We strongly discourage any electronic equipment to be brought to the retreat for students to use. 

·         What if I get nervous, anxious or concerned about my childs behavior during the retreat?

o   Stay in frequent communication with your therapist and coaches.  Feel free to ask for help or support at any time. 

·         How else should I prepare for this?

o   I would hope that our two retreats last year laid the foundation for future retreats in respect to creating safe, meaningful, and lasting memories.  Be ready to learn, grow and connect. 

See you soon!