Pottery With Mr. Young

On any given Monday or Friday, our Calo Art Teacher, Mr. Young, can be seen instructing our students on the proper techniques of pottery.  Mr. Young, who is a potter by trade, has been teaching art for over 20 years.  He joined Calo one year ago.

While he teaches all aspects of art, it is obvious the favorite for all the students is working with clay.  Mr. Young has been busy teaching the students the many different techniques of working the clay; specifically sculpting, throwing and the use of the pottery wheel. 

It is fun to watch the kids as they learn to use their hands and accomplish their projects.  Many anticipated working with the pottery wheel to be much easier than it actually is.  Lack of a delicate hand and balance create slanted pots; many of which were first seen.  With patience and time, Mr. Young has taught our young students, and now a variety of mugs, bowls and vases are being churned out on a regular basis. 

In addition to the pottery wheel, Mr. Young is teaching the students how to sculpt the clay by hand.  One particular student is working on a sculpture of her head while another young man made a 12 inch green dragon. 

Our Calo students are up to great things!  They are learning and having a great time doing it!