Preparing For The Academic Future

It is that time of the year when students start filling out college applications and the ACT and SAT tests are in high demand; Calo students are doing the same.  The Calo Academic Department understands the importance of making sure that our students are ready for the next educational chapter in their lives and gladly work with our families to make it happen. 

Currently, we have several upper level students interested in taking the ACT and SAT tests; both are offered in our local area.  In addition to helping our students sign up for the tests, we are arranging our first ever ACT/SAT study groups.  To prepare for the exams, we will offer our students extra 1:1 instruction or small group instruction with our fantastic Calo Academic Staff.  There can never be too much preparation for a test!   

Students who are interested in starting college applications will also find the time and guidance from the Academic Department.  This is such an exciting time for our students and we look forward to helping them during this process.   

For further information, please contact Calo Academic Director, Abby Mayer.