The Importance of Professional Collaboration

In late January, the Calo leadership and clinical staff had the amazing opportunity to attend the annual NATSAP (National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs) conference in La Jolla, California. The conference was held in a breathtaking setting at the Hilton, La Jolla Torrey Pines. From the serene blue of the ocean waves to the deep green of the grass the setting was more that an amazing especially considering the Calo staff had left behind the coldest winter in several years back in Missouri. The conference is a dynamic coming together of a variety of talented professionals in the industry. Calos focus in attending the conference was on enhancing coordination, communication and collaboration with other industry professionals and to learn what tools, skills, and treatment philosophies are working with other industry professionals. The conference was a great experience and allowed our staff members to connect with others who genuinely care about helping families to heal and grow. 

NATSAP as an organization values research and evaluation as a cornerstone of effective programming and advocacy as does Calo. NATSAP is committed to helping programs like Calo to access pertinent research information and to engage in the evaluation of their own programs. In this effort, NATSAP utilizes a standing research committee, publishes the Journal of Therapeutic Schools and Programs, and manages the NATSAP Research and Evaluation Network of which Calo is an active participant. Calo families participate in this research study following their students enrollment. The research program allows Calo to track treatment outcomes

Our staff feels privileged to apart of such a genuine, caring and intelligent group of programs and individuals striving to guide and support families through the healing process.