Property Improvement Projects at Calo

In the last 2 ½ yrs, I have been amazed how the physical plant at Calo has evolved. When Calo first came to this amazing site, located directly on the shores of Lake Ozark, it had huge potential but had not been developed. In the last 2 ½ years the physical plant has become absolutely amazing from the addition of a 30-ft climbing indoor tower and a 16 element ropes course to the development of the lakefront to include a sand volleyball court, bonfire area, deck, gazebo, boat & boat dock, and canoes. In addition, the students also helped to create a walking trail through the 15-acre property. This beautiful trail is utilized by students and canines alike

The evolution of the property continued inside the building. The 55,000 square foot building is designed to be bright, open and community oriented yet, the Leadership Team wanted the main milieu space to also feel warm and welcoming. The process began by hiring an interior decorator to help beautify and define the main milieu into smaller functioning spaces. The following community areas were created:  two student living rooms, two student study areas, an indoor gazebo area divided into four separate common spaces: two for entertainment (foosball & ping-pong) and two for lounging. A variety of seating areas throughout the milieu were also created during this initial development process.


The second stage of the development process incorporated the development of the lower level by adding four new classrooms, two new canine rooms including professional canine grooming/bathing stations, four staff studio apartments and updating student rooms.

Each student room supports up to three students and includes a bathroom and vanity/sink area. Student bedrooms contain the following for each student: a captains bed with four personal drawers for students to store clothing, a bookcase and a bulletin board. Students personalize their space in a variety of ways from decorating their bulletin board with pictures, poems, themes, favorite colors, etc. to bringing their own bedspread/comforter, personal attachment items (stuffed animal or blanket from childhood) as well as pictures and personal items from home.

The third and most current stage of development includes an amazing decorative ceramic tile dining room floor, art loft, fitness/gym loft and student chill loft. Each loft area was designed to meet a specific student need and/or request. 

Stay tuned for further development updates..