Leadership Visit to Puerto Penasco Orphanage 2012

In a July 29, 2011 post on this blog I let you all know about a trip we took to Mexico and some wonderful children in an orphanage there. If you type "orphanage" into the Calo blog search at the top right of the blog page you can find that post easily. Well, as you can see, we got to go back last month and help out again. It was a second, simply amazing experience there. Most of the children are kids we met last time. They remembered us and wanted to play and interact in many of the same ways. I played soccer with some teenage boys (they beat the tar out of me). Nicole and others played volleyball with the kids. We attended their church services with them. Landon had a blast pushing the smaller kids on the swingset. They giggled so hard we thought they would fall off the swings. Play and laughter cancelled out any language barrier that might have been an issue otherwise. It also helped tremendously to have Alex and his wife, Maria-Paz, able to translate when needed. It is a wonderful blessing for us to spend time and money on an orphanage that is doing right by the children it serves. Visit http://www.esperanzachildrenshome.com/ if you would like to learn more about the orphanage and even make a donation. Meanwhile, here are some pictures of our time there.


Unloading supplies for the orphanage

Landon getting a laugh out of the kids

Ken getting destroyed on the soccer field–man can those Mexican boys play

The girls with the girls

The little ones love to be tickled