Calo encourages ongoing Quality Improvement, Growth & Development

Calo strives for on-going quality improvement, growth and development. We complete a variety of activities to encourage quality, consistency and individualization while providing world class care and treatment for our students. Key ways Calo promotes development are as follows:

·        Open Door Policy- The Calo Leadership Team has an Open Door Policy with our parents, students, employees and other stakeholders. The intent of this policy is to provide transparency, open dialogue and development opportunities.

·        Leadership On the Floor – A member of the Extended Leadership Team (ELT) and/or one of Calos masters level therapists works an 8+ hour residential coaching shift on the floor each week. The goal of this activity is two-fold, firstly, to provide Calo leadership the opportunity to directly interact with students on a purely relational level and secondly to provide leadership with an accurate picture of how the Calo treatment model and policy & procedures are being implemented by the residential coaching staff.

·        Exit Interviews- Exit Interviews with all families upon their departure from Calo. This occurs with students and their parents/guardians. The goal of this activity is gather direct feedback on what parts of the program have been effective and what areas need improvement.

·        Training- Bi-weekly training of all staff & bi-weekly therapist directive training for all coaching staff.

·        Ongoing Quality Improvement Planning which includes standards for all departments which meet Joint Commission accreditation standards.

·        Research Participants- NATSAP Research Program, Anonymous Parent Surveys and Internal Parent, Student and Therapist Surveys.

·        Connected Leadership- Weekly Leadership Meetings & Monthly Extended Leadership Meetings/Trainings.

·        Calo frequently invites outside professionals including educational consultants, psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists and other treating professionals to visit Calo. Calo encourages these professionals to provide Calos leadership with direct feedback following their time on campus and interactions with staff and students. The intent of these professional visits is to provide an open, accurate, transparent representation of Calo and to request feedback from professionals on what is working well and areas of potential improvement.