Recent Setting and Achieving Goals Trip

The Adventure Team is excited to share some of the experiences we accomplished on our most recent Setting and Achieving Goals trip.

During this Adventure sequence, we achieved two milestones for Calo's adventure therapy program. The first was taking 32 boys on an engineered experience (the most on any camping trip to date!) and the second was having all 32 accomplish their mileage goal. Throughout the trip the boys were involved in therapeutic discussions about the goals they set for themselves. The students were asked to set three goals; mileage, relationship and other. The mileage goal was the number of miles they felt they could ride. This was a goal they could see and measure immediately through the trip. The relationship goal was one the students were asked to set that would help direct them into better relationships or to develop new ones with peers or with staff. The 'other' goal was designed to enable the students to learn how to set a goal of their choosing. Some students wrote, "Work on being more social with peers." Another wrote, “Listen to expectations from staff and try not to give push back to those staff".

"Going as far as you can, giving all that you’ve got"

Throughout the trip the adventure therapy staff would host groups before and after the students were on the trail, checking in on how they were doing with their goals and seeing what tools the students needed to accomplish their goals. These groups opened up dialogue between the students and their staff about how it feels to set goals they feel are too big or out of reach and to feel the excitement of accomplishing those goals. The definition of success we used with the students was: "going as far as you can, giving all that you’ve got". With that being said, every student was able to experience success and they were able to verbalize this with the adventure therapy staff during the groups held at the end of the trip. The students rode the trail in teams and had to work together through out the trip. This will hopefully provide them with a foundation to begin the next sequence: Teamwork.

Overall, we consider this time with the students a huge success. The excitement, struggle, joy, exhaustion and pride that students feel during this process is an integral piece of their experiential treatment at Calo and we are honored to be part of the process.