This month another Calo student will be graduating our program and heading home.  Graduations are times of celebration but also times of remembrance.  What fun it is to look back and see just how far our Calo students have come!

In addition to the therapeutic journey our students travel, they also have an academic journey.  The student graduating this month has come so far!  When she came to Calo, she was significantly behind and had not earned any credits for her last semester in school.    

The specialized academic program at Calo was able to help this young lady retake the reins of her education and get back on track.  In her time here, she was able make up for her lost semester and complete her school year with above average grades!  Through continued hard work and unending support, she was able to catch up and will be leaving our program ready and on track to join her peers. 

The academic department has so much hope for our students!   As they come and go we are blessed with wonderful opportunities to reflect and revisit their journeys.  As teachers, there is also a bit of selfish joy getting to know that yet one more student will rejoin their academic ranks, look forward to their future and truly enjoy the world of high school.