Service and Smiles

After carefully considering their options, the students at Calo decided to continue their service efforts with the organizations they were involved with last year.  Although there will be some significant differences between the process of raising funds and putting together service packages, in the end it will be the Evangelical Childrens Home and Missouri Baptist Childrens Home who will be the recipients of this years service efforts.

As students prepare for exciting home visits and holiday fun, a great deal of thought has been put in to what they can do while at home to help serve the foster children in St. Louis.  Our female students have decided on three fundraising opportunities.  They will have a bake sale, they have a sponsored dinner night at Chilis, and they will be requesting donations from their family and friends.  All proceeds will benefit the foster children at the Evangelical Childrens Home.

Our male students have decided to focus on two very big events.  The first big event is a raffle drawing that will allow a number of luck people to win fun prizes like hotel stays and dinners.  This drawing will take place on the 30th of December at Calo and anyone is encouraged to participate.  You will not need to be present to win.  If you would like to participate please send a check written to Calo for the boys service project.  The raffle tickets are $5 each.  100% of all money raised will go to the Missouri Baptist Childrens home.  The boys are also putting together a fun filled night of bingo for the community.  Again, everything earned will go towards the Missouri Baptist Childrens Home. 

As these service opportunities approach please assist our students by offering your support and encouragement as they seek to selflessly give of themselves to a group of children that they feel connected with.