Service Completed

Two months ago Calo students were given the challenge to do something difficult; to be totally selfless and invested in the well being of someone in need. Throughout the holiday season they spent their recreational therapy time planning different activities to benefit people in need.

 After much discussion our girls decided to sponsor 15 children without families at the Evangelical Childrens Home (ECH) in St. Louis.  They chose to work with these children because of the similar pasts they shared and the connection they felt.  They could relate to some of the feelings and emotions that accompanied their circumstances.  Through the organizational efforts of numerous service projects, and with the support of many families, friends and community members, our girls raised enough money to purchase 15 duffel bags and fill each one of them with gifts, clothing, treats and supplies to bless the lives of these children in need. Tears were shed and stories were exchanged as we traveled to ECH and delivered our care packages. 

 Our boys also wanted to serve a group of kids that they could relate to.  They worked hard to purchase entertainment materials for the children at the Missouri Baptist Childrens Home in St. Louis.  After holding a raffle drawing, shoveling snow from driveways, and requesting the support from family members and local community members, our boys were able to replace televisions and purchase Rock Band and other Wii accessories for foster children who had been taken out of unsafe living situations and were living in a full lock down facility waiting for the state to find safe opportunities for them to succeed.  It was truly amazing and inspiring to watch our young men interact and spend time with others.  The selflessness of their service was evident as they helped kids in desperate and cheerless situations forget about their pain and sadness for just a few short hours.

As we finished up this exciting experience, students were given an opportunity to reflect on the influence they were able to have on others when they forgot about themselves.  The following is a brief list of some of the recorded reflections our students experienced.

 I conversed with one girl that I didnt plan to meet.  I told her she was very special and that she didnt deserve the people who were cruel towards her.

 The kid I sponsored tried on his jacket and it didnt fit.  But then he said, I can give this to my little brother!  Ahh, how cute!

 All together I had a lot of fun and it was a good experience and it felt good to be able to do something for someone other than myself!

 I was really excited to serve these kids by shopping.

 It was a heck of an experience and I would love to do it again.

 It made me feel good that I can help others and hope that others would help me when I need help.  God bless the children.

 My child seemed like a really cool kid.  While we gave him the stuff he said, Awww, thats really kind of yall.  I wish I could give something back!  I then replied, Thanks thats really sweet of you!  But I came here to give to you, not you to give to me.

 I just feel like this project helped me a lot!