Some Beautiful Children in Mexico

We have not publicized it very much, so many will not know of a leadership retreat that we took last month. The retreat took us to Phoenix and across the border into Mexico near Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point). While there we had various business planning meetings and we also had some fun. What meant the most to us though was our time at an orphanage called "Esperanza Para Los Ninos" (Esperanza for the Children). We have vacillated some on whether to even mention our time in Mexico at the Children’s Home. It was quite a personal experience for all of us. It was tender and beautiful to be around the children in the home. The chance to help these children out–just a little–was profoundly moving. Ultimately, we have decided to tell our experience so that others might find ways to help out with this orphanage.

Esperanza is not an orphanage where the children are being adopted out. Most are from the local community and their parents are in jail or are abusing substances or they are simply so poor they have relinquished their children into the care of Esperanza. There are 48 or so children, ranging in age from 2 to 18. They are polite and well mannered and want nothing more than company and care. The Zapatas, who run the facility, keep a tight ship. The older children help out with the younger children. "Please" and "thank you" are a part of their vocabulary (in Spanish of course). They love to play games and they very much like water fights we found out. Here are just a few pictures of our time at Esperanza.

This boy could not get enough of Rob’s goatee

Caleb clowning around

At Sam’s getting supplies

Some of the girls

The whole group

The orphanage is funded almost entirely by donations. That is the reason we are documenting our trip. Please take a look at a website created for them by Rick Bills. Rick has been donating time and effort to the cause for many years and maintains the website. Here is the link:

You can donate right online. You can go in person as we did and take supplies. If you want, we would be glad to add your donations to our own. The website has a list of supplies that they most often need if you are interested. Call any member of the Calo administrative team if you want to hear more about the trip or want to get involved.