Spirituality and Self Worth

I want to be bold yet simple in my message:  Individuals who dont love themselves often believe God (or a higher power) feels the same way.

Let me briefly explain. Calo has students and families with a myriad of racial, economical, political and religious backgrounds. We love this and embrace this diversity. Some of our well-intentioned parents, many of whom were moved by spiritual and/or religious experiences, strongly encourage their student to engage or believe in spiritual or religious practices when the student is filled with self-hatred and shame. At times, instead of increasing worth and identity, these attempts have caused a backfiring effect because the student was not ready for them. Subsequently, this has further frustrated the parent-child relationship and deepened the spiritual void in the students life. 

Please know that on a personal level I believe the spiritual identity of a person is an important part of emotional growth. The timing and approach are what makes matters delicate.  In my opinion one of the best times for parents to introduce spiritual or religious interventions is when a student reaches the point of desire.  Desiring to believe in something else, desiring to believe that there is more, desiring to find internal meaning, desiring to find oneself and so forth. Such desire often produces fertile ground for seeds of worth and spiritual identity to grow. 

I know these matters can be personal and sensitive. If you would like to discuss further, please feel free to contact me.