Student Council at Calo

Several months ago, a Student Council was formed at Calo.  Five members were elected to support and represent their peers.  One student from each team: Doves, Sparrows, Hawks and Falcons was elected and a President from the entire student population.

Immediately, they got to work.  They created agendas from new uniforms to a food survey to help with ideas for the cafeteria.  They sought ideas and gathered information from fellow students so that each agenda item would have a significant impact on the entire Calo student community.

The first group of Student Council members made a tremendous mark on Calo.  They were able to show that a little hard work and determination can make a positive impact for an entire community.  They were motivation for others to want to take the lead and become a voice for their wants and needs.

Just three weeks ago, a new student council class was elected.  Sparked by their predecessors, they were eager to get started.  I had a difficult time getting them to pin down their first agenda.  They have so many great ideas and plans for growth!  Instead of our weekly meeting, they are requesting multiple each week. 

The new class had their first presentation before their peers yesterday and it was eye opening to see just how well regarded and respected they are in their community.  They are looked at as leaders and idea seekers.  What a remarkable quality to have!

Of course, I was struck by yet another fantastic Calo moment that I am privileged to share

Getting up in front of people to speak can be uncomfortable and intimidating no matter who you are; imagine doing it if you have low self-esteem.  Our student council president was unable to present the idea to the students, so another representative was needed to take her place.  Very willingly and without reservation, Sandy stepped in.  She stood up and spoke with a confidence I had never seen from her.  The other students obviously saw she meant business and were courteous and respectful.  She was able to clearly lay out the guidelines of the agenda and the expectations that were needed from the Calo student community.  The support that was given and I am sure felt by Sandy was fantastic. The applause at the end were only icing on the cake.  To be elected by your peers because they see something in you that you might not is very eye opening.  The students at Calo continue to surprise me every day and I am so happy that I got to share that day with them and am blessed to be a part of it!