Letter from a former student

Every so often we receive communication from former students and parents of students. It is nice to hear how they are doing and what they are up to. I recently received a letter from a parent whose daughter had returned home seven weeks ago. The parent was giving us an update and had this to say about his daughter, who I will call Julia. He wrote: As of today, Julia has been home for 7 weeks. To date, we have had no volcanic behavioral eruptions. Whenever Julia has been anywhere close to a meltdown, she draws upon the coping skills learned at Calo, which certainly includes spending time with her dog, Anya. We continue regular therapy with Diana Giest, the wonderful attachment therapist you met during her visit to Calo last summer, which has been helpful. Ken, its difficult to put into words how much it means to Mom and Dad to not have to be hypervigilent in our parenting, to protect Julia from poor choices. At this time of year especially, we are thankful to you and your colleagues at Calo for their help and support. You do amazing work!

That letter alone was quite kind and I am grateful for this parents words. That parent then sent a handwritten note from Julia. Here is that letter. Just click on the pdf below:

student EK letter.pdf (1.00 mb)

This was a payday letter and the reason we do what we do at Calo. Just wanted to share it with you.