Support from other parents

One of the ways that we try to help families is by finding resources for dealing with issues while a child is still at home, or after a child has been in residential treatment. There are not a lot of that type of resource where a professional can come to your home if you live in a remote area. Even if you live near a big city, frequently there is not a professional around that is trained in working with trauma or attachment issues.  In an information age, the internet can be a tremendous help if you know what to look for. This post is meant to give an idea of where to go for some invaluable help from parents who struggle with attachment and trauma-challenged teens.

The organization is called the Attachment and Trauma Network (ATN). If you want to go to their website, type in ATN was created by a mother who adopted some children who were struggling. Nancy Spoolstra was that mom and she was unable to figure out where to go for help. When she eventually found some of the help she needed she began networking in the attachment world and realized that many parents needed some support from other parents. Parents needed a place to look for answers. With that in mind she created ATN and it has been most helpful to hundreds and thousands of families since.

ATN is a true non-profit. There are many links and resources that are free on their site. If you want unlimited access to support groups you can try that out for free for a month or so. Joining costs $35 per year. I believe in what they are doing so much that I joined the board as a volunteer. Take a look at ATN and give me feedback about your thoughts.