Two weeks ago, another student graduated the Calo program.  That day was extra special as not only did she graduate the Calo program, she also graduated High School that day too. 

Graduations are always bittersweet for me!  I become a little selfish and deep down wish that those students would never leave.  As staff, we become attached and want to hold onto them as if they are our own.  Unfortunately, we cant do that; we must watch them grow and leave the Calo nest.  We wish them the best and hope that we have taught them all that they need to be successful in their next endeavor.

As the summer starts, we have many students who are ready to start their next educational year.  So many of them come in academically behind.  There are many reasons for this, but in short a great deal of them have a lot of catching up to do.  So when a student is ready to graduate high school, it makes it all the more special.  For many, the long awaited and highly anticipated diploma sometimes seems to be almost mythological.

The young lady who graduated two weeks ago is ready to go!  She has been accepted to college and is starting on time with her freshman class in August.  In addition, just last week another Calo young lady was accepted to an amazing fine arts program in her home town.  As an educator, I couldnt ask for more.   

There are several more students in the next class who are quickly approaching their high school graduations too.  Now, it is simply a matter of checking off the smaller milestones that lead to the big one; but the big one is the best of all.  I am so proud of the educational accomplishments of all of our Calo students!