A few weeks ago, we received a letter from a former Calo student; this letter made my month!!  In his letter, he stated that not only were both he and his dog doing well, but that he was working, getting ready for his first apartment, in an appropriate relationship, doing well with his family and also preparing to attend a well known four year university. 

This particular student was my first new student here at Calo; I had only been here a few weeks when he arrived.  I remember that he stood out differently than other students because of his absolute desire to not only come from behind but to graduate High School during his stay.  I thought it was a far fetched plan as he was behind over a year and a half in school.  He proved us all wrong and was able to complete two and a half years of high school in just under a year.

It is wonderful to hear from our old students.  I am always glad to know how they are doing and will always continue to celebrate their accomplishments.  This young man was the first student to graduate High School here at Calo and to know that he is preparing to attend a four year university is tremendous.  I am so happy for this student and with him the best of luck.