The People who make up Calo, MAKE Calo.

Every year, I strive to take the time to look back and reflect on the years since Calo opened. I must say it has been an amazing journey with an amazing group of people.  As I evaluate my personal journey and all the areas in which I have grown, I am always drawn back to what makes Calo, Calo and without a doubt the resounding answer I always come back to is the people. The people at Calo and the people that interact with Calo make Calo, Calo.                  

Everything at Calo is about relationships, relationships with our students, their families, our canines, and each other as staff. Its what makes me want to come to work every day and what makes me love and value my job! It makes sense that the experience I value and the values of those I work with coincide. It is a joining of purpose, a coming together to create attachment, trust and healing within the families with whom we connect and the people with whom we interact.

The extended leadership team at Calo is the group of people that I believe is the representation of who and what Calo is meant to be. Their vision, integrity, strength of character, stability, leadership, core values, and an overwhelming desire to bless the lives of all whom they encounter is the foundation of Calo.

The therapists, canine therapy program supervisor, neurofeedback coordinator, residential coaching staff, overnight care staff,  recreation therapy staff, teachers and nurses are the feet on the ground that create the foundation, consistency and stability which allow our students to grow, gain insight and become interdependent.    

The administrative coordinators, IT administrator, facilities manager, campus coordinator, and our chef are the behind the scenes staff that provide the foundational of trust of care for our students by providing their basic essential needs: food, shelter, personal hygiene items and clothing etc.

To all of the staff, students and parents that are a part of Calo, thank you for an amazing 4 ½ years. I look forward to the years to come.