Thoughts from our students…

 Calo has been a gift.  Nov08 Graduate

We arent just a family, we are what a family is.  Nov08 Graduate

 Being at Calo saved my life.  I no longer want the PAIN to comfort me, but rather the comfort of my mothers arms.  Dec08 Graduate

 Calo became my home.  It felt like home.  I felt safe there and I knew no matter how bad I screwed up someone was always there.   Dec08 Graduate

  I was lost before I came to Calo. May 09 Graduate 

I like having a good relationship with my parents. May 09 Graduate

I can leave Calo feeling better about myself, knowing more about myself, and I can honestly say that my mom trusts me. June09 Graduate 

Nothing changed in my life until I started working in therapy. July 09 Graduate

My other programs did help me with my  behavior but Calo helped me find myself.  July 09 Student