Tis the Season to be Serving

Each year during the holiday season the recreational therapy department helps students at Calo organize, plan and execute a service project for people in need.  Last year our female students collected and donated over 85 backpacks filled with puzzles, board games, hygiene items, art supplies and many other needed items to the children at the Evangelical Childrens home in St. Louis.  Our male students raised funds to purchase much needed entertainment equipment for the Crisis Care unit at the Missouri Baptist Childrens Home.  Through the process of serving, students were able to create lasting memories for themselves and the children they were serving.

This year our students have been challenged to explore the concept of selflessness by planning a service project that really reaches out to people in need.  Although we are only in the very early stages of this process our students have rallied together and come up with some very creative and exciting ways to selflessly give of themselves in ways that will encourage and inspire during the holiday season.  Students have been encouraged to involve as many people as possible to help this years service project be successful.  Students will be involving staff, community members and even family members and friends in hopes to make a difference for people in need.  As this project progresses and decisions are made, blog posts will be updated to keep eager participants informed so they will have opportunities to participate.  We thank you all in advance for your support and caring.