A Whirlwind of Travel…

Both the last five weeks and the next few weeks to come are a whirlwind of tours, enrollments, travel preparation, networking and travel. It is a remarkable time that is both energizing and exhausting. I have spent the last few weeks fully engaged with a variety of different professionals and families in a way that has allowed me to provide support, comfort and solace to families in need while filling my own cup by spending time with other professionals that have such an amazing passion and joy for their work with adolescents and their families. I am ever inspired by those around me.

The first stop along my travel itinerary was the annual Midwest Regional NATSAP Conference in Chicago, Illinois in late September. This was the fourth Midwest Regional for which I have had the opportunity to be a co-chair. It was a ton of work but it was well worth it. We had a variety of exhibitors, speakers and attendees. The conference was well attended and the participants appeared to truly value their time and experiences.

My second stop along my travel itinerary took me to Newport Beach, California for the School Connections conference in the first week of October.  This was the first time I had attended a School Connections conference and I was not sure what to expect. I found the conference to be highly valuable. It allowed Rob Gent, our Assistant Clinical Director, and I the opportunity to share about Calo in individual one-on-one meetings with over 25 different professionals. Each meeting time was about a half hour long and really allowed for authentic and individualized conversations with each professional. Some of the professionals we meet with were old friends while others were new to the industry and new to Calo.

My next step along the travel whirlwind will be the IECA conference in Dallas, Texas in early November.  This conference is another opportunity to share with other professional and programs the unique environment and specialized treatment model Calo utilizes. My plans for this trip are already in full swing and I am excited about the journey ahead. maybe the whirlwind of travel will slow as the holiday season whirlwind begins but that is not likely so, I am just enjoying the journey and all the steps along the way.