Unique and Caring Relationships

Parents/Guardians often begin their association with Calo by asking the therapist what to expect as far as therapy for their child.  The response usually catches them slightly by surprise and creates a curious but extremely interested look.  The therapist will let them know that they are embarking on a journey which will focus on the familys development and the opportunity to create incredibly unique and caring relationships. The therapist will further emphasize how the journey, fraught with its difficulties, joys, ups and down, should develop significant bonds between them.  It is clarified in this response that the parents/guardians should expect to experience growth of their own and will engage in therapeutic opportunities which will challenge them and produce rewarding change in their lives. 

Just as the student enters into treatment with the apprehension of the unknown, so too does the parents/guardians, though relieved to feel the security of their child being physically safe, become keenly aware that they are entering into a unique and unknown relationship with the therapist. The Calo therapist enters into this relationship knowing that the parents/guardians are experiencing tremendous emotional and physical difficulties and require the same genuine care, attunement, empathy, and connection that child receives.  The primary care givers experience these essential relational elements as a necessary part of their experience (with therapist) in creating healing and security with their child.  This process becomes the foundation from which the building blocks of therapy and change begin to be established. 

As a therapist, new parents ask me what the journey has been like for other families and I am excited to describe the unique and meaningful relationships which have developed.  I relate to them that the Calo experience provides me with the opportunity to share in the families most difficult of moments as well as the most special of moments where authentic vulnerability and trust begin to take root.  These experiences have consistently created such intense honesty and exposure that the therapeutic relationship becomes strengthened and each individual becomes grounded in trusting the relationship.  As a result, families have consistently become reliable, emotionally intimate, and lasting relationships which always become reinforcement for the power of Calos relationship focused model.

To say that families develop unique and caring relationships while at Calo is a bit of an understatement.  It would be more accurate to describe it as intensely vulnerable, safe, trusting, emotionally intimate, worth the difficulty, gratifying, rewarding, intense, and most of all worthwhile.  As a therapist, I can genuinely say that I look forward to the opportunity to develop authentically meaningful relationships with families which are truly caring and lasting.