The upcoming Fall Parent Retreat is rapidly approaching and we want to make sure that we have you down for attending.  The Retreat begins with the Parent Orientation on September 12th (5:15-7:30pm) where parents engage in a seminar about being a part of the Calo experience.  On the morning of Thursday, September 13th all parents will arrive at Calo for breakfast and an exciting, interactive experience with Persogenics and what type of personality (Amiable, Analytical, Dominate, or Expressive) you are and how best to communicate with others.  This presentation launches us into a meaningful and activity filled retreat focused on Experiencing Healthy Intimacy.  The Retreat concludes on Friday September 14th at approximately 3pm, but leaves time for families to enjoy visitations over the remainder of the weekend.  This time will be extremely valuable for connecting with you student as well as with Calo therapists, staff, and administration. 


You will not want to miss out on this great experience.  Please notify your treating therapist of your attendance and feel free to ask them any questions you have about the Parent Retreat.