Welcome Message from Alex Stavros, President, CEO and Chairman of Calo

There is work, there is a career, and then there is a calling.  The kind of calling that envelopes your heart.  You can experience that calling at Calo.

Why? Because people don’t come to Calo for a job.  They come here to make a difference.  They come here to grow.  They come here to make their work much bigger than themselves and the organization as a whole.  They come here to have their lives profoundly changed, to experience joy.  And to help others experience the same. 

There is work, then there is your life’s work.  Your calling.

Welcome to Calo! 

Even though we know many of you will leave Calo one day, we want to make sure you leave truly transformed.  Our commitment to you is that we will strive to create a nurturing and supportive environment for you to grow and be challenged.  What we seek in return is a commitment from you that you are are going to throw yourself at the opportunity to not only transform yourself, but also a child, a family, our organization, and society at large.  Together, both commitments, will lead to fulfilling our Core Purpose of profoundly changing lives and creating joy.

Calo is a great organization with a great future and we are just delighted to have you now part of our Family.


Alex Stavros
President, CEO and Chairman of Calo

The Calo Family of Programs