Why I Teach

Growing up in a home with two certified teachers as parents; education was not something that was ever taken lightly.  I never had the option of not doing my homework or not studying for tests, the concept of skipping school was foreign and good behavior was a requirement.  I made my bed, brushed my teeth and for the most part, did as I was told.  As I grew older, I am proud to say that I have had very few blunders in my past. Sure, there were some emotional ups and downs, but overall, life has turned out ok. 

When I went to college, I planned on becoming a lawyer.  To prepare, I double majored in History and Political Science.  I liked the direction I was heading, but at times was unsure if it was really for me.  At the end of my sophomore year, I sat down with one of my professors and he told me why he had gone into education.  After our conversation, I decided my path was no longer to interpret the law, but to teach it.  Easily one of the best decisions I have ever made!

I well remember my first day of student teaching.  My rosy ideas of education were quickly soured.  It was then that I realized that I had grown up in a different world than most; education was not and is not viewed the same in all houses.  I was shocked to see students who did not turn in their homework and talked back to the teachers.  It was even worse when a student did it to me.  In short, I did not want to go back the next day. 

I had a wonderful cooperative teacher and he taught me that no two kids are the same.  His compassion for all of his students never faltered and he had an amazing eye for the students who needed that extra push.  He was the teacher that every kid wanted and he quickly became the teacher that I knew I wanted to be.  

I cant resist helping a Calo student; nothing thrills me more than watching them succeed.  Few things are better than watching the educational light go on.  I love doing the happy dance when students complete their first ever term paper and the smiles on their faces when they receive their first As are addictive. 

Im an educational junkie; I cant help myself!  Teaching is what makes me who I am and sharing it is a wonderful gift!