Women's Summit Series at Calo

Being a teenage girl is as difficult today as it ever was.  Our girls are bombarded by T.V., the media, advertising, and peer pressure on a daily basis.  Every adolescent girl should have a positive, female role-model to turn to. For example: a mother, aunt, older sister, or neighbor.  Unfortunately, this support network is not available to all adolescent girls for a variety of reasons. With this in mind, Calo Academics is happy to announce the start of the Womens Summit Series. Once per month on Wednesdays, positive female role models from the lake area and beyond will address our girls in a lecture series devoted to Womens issues. Topics may include: Women Writers, Women in Art, Suffrage, Women in Business, Careers, Domestic Violence, Abstinence, Womens health issues, Women in History, Rosie the Riveter, Women in Music, India and Infanticide and Girlhood- age 6-16.

Susan Brown, president of Four Seasons resorts, led the Womens Summit Series addressing the girls in mid-April. She shared personal stories related to her grandfathers struggles during the Great Depression, her career rise at Four Seasons, and the challenges of balancing being not only a mother and wife, but a business woman as well. As a follow-up to her visit, Susan has invited our girls to Four Seasons for a tour, a meeting with the personnel director, and an ice-cream social.  For more information, please contact Wayne Juliano – Academic Director, 573-746-0623.