Calo Teens Earns the Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission

For the Fourth Time, Calo Teens Earns the Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission while Surveyors Praise the Use of Golden Retrievers. Calo Teens completed its fourth 3-year re-accreditation with The Joint Commission this afternoon. The two surveyors reviewed 1200 Elements of Performance over 4 days. Both surveyors complimented Calo Teens on the … Continued

What a lost rooster can teach us about CASA

Pablo is a name that will inspire a wide variety of reactions around Calo Teens. Every single person knows who Pablo is and each person seems to have a different opinion of him. Mention his name, and you can get anything from a light-hearted sigh and knowing smile or trigger an angry, long-winded rant of … Continued

Ironman, Adoption and Sales–A Holy Trinity

On Thursday August 22, 2016 I anxiously awoke at 4am to ready myself for the 6:38am race start. While in bed I start going over the mental list of gear, power bars, gels, drinks and other items, which I had packed the night before, and needed to complete the race. The competition started early as … Continued

Today, Tuesday, August 5th, is National Work like a Dog Day…

…And it caught me by surprise, actually. Who knew? I researched it a bit and found out that the day is used to “honor and recognize the hardest working people among us.” During these hottest days of summer, often called the “dog days” of summer, employers acknowledge and show their appreciation for people that “tend … Continued

Calo in the news: Using Relationships to Heal Trauma & Attachment

Calo Teens Academic Director Dr. Bob Burroughs discusses how we treat developmental trauma and heal it through relationships. It’s a great journal article for parents, professionals and educators on Calo’s developmental trauma model of treatment. At Calo, we summarize our relationally-based treatment model as CASA, which stands for Commitment, Acceptance, Security, Attunement. The ultimate goal … Continued

Calo in the news: Canine Therapy

Great article in the latest Adoption Today’s attachment and trauma issue. Former Calo therapist, Amanda, writes about her experience with Calo’s canine program and interviews a former Calo student (who adopted her canine from Calo) and Calo’s Canine Therapy Director, Jeanna Osborn. Our #calogoldens are a critical part of our treatment team and aftercare program. … Continued

Thinking about a Summer Transition Home

By Dr. Bob Burroughs Before joining Calo as its Academic Director, I was an educational consultant advising families on residential treatment. In general, families favored a treatment cycle that matched the traditional school calendar. If a student entered treatment in October, then typically parents hoped for a June or August transition back home, so that … Continued

Calo In the News: Building Trusting Relationships

Dr Bob Burroughs, Calo Academic Director, wrote for the Therapeutic Parenting Journal about Building Trusting Relationships with Teens.   Dr Burroughs discusses bringing calm to  the child’s inner chaos, supporting children in the classroom with attachment trauma, and the art of co-regulation. It’s a great journal article for parents, professionals and educators on Calo’s developmental … Continued

Calo’s growth over the last three years

From 8 employees to 85 employees From 4 students to 44 students From 4 golden retrievers to 19 golden retrievers  It has been an incredible privilege to be part of the birth, development and ongoing growth of a new program. Prior to becoming a founding member of Calo (Change Academy Lake of the Ozarks), I … Continued

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