Our Top Priority: Safety – COVID-19 Update

To Our Calo Family and Friends,

Calo began serving families 13 years ago. Since then, we have prided ourselves on leading the way in developing the industry’s highest quality of care and safety standards in specialized care for students struggling with the impacts of attachment needs, developmental trauma and emotional dysregulation. Our core mission, values and vision drive how we serve our families each day including how we are responding to the ever-evolving coronavirus situation.

Calo’s Mission/Core Purpose: To Create Joy, Heal Generations

Calo’s Vision: To profoundly change lives and create joy by providing world-class treatment for families impacted by attachment needs, developmental trauma or emotional dysregulation.

Calo Core Values:

  • Empathy
  • Growth
  • Service
  • Trusting Relationships

As we face the difficult challenge of responding to COVID-19, we find ourselves facing an opportunity to root ourselves, even more, in the Core Mission, Values and Vision. Despite the unsettling Coronavirus situation, our team is working to maintain normalcy for our students. Our programs are havens of safety: contained, full of loving and trained staff, and away from the anxiety of media.

First, thank you for entrusting your child’s care in our hands. We are honored and don’t carry that trust lightly. We are committed, at all times, to being the safest place – emotionally, mentally and physically – for your child. I want to personally assure you that safety is the primary focus in all that we do and it remains of utmost importance to us now.

We are committed to keeping you abreast of all developments at Calo with frequency and honesty. With that transparency in mind, we are very confident in our team’s abilities and intentions to keep Calo a safe environment to continue treatment. As you may know, Calo is part of a broader national mental health umbrella, Embark Behavioral Health. Two weeks ago, we proactively created an Embark Coronavirus Taskforce – comprised of a cross-section of doctors and nurses, clinicians and program operators - which has been meeting and communicating regularly with programs. We are closely tracking the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local health and licensing agencies for the latest developments and best practices related to COVID-19. We are also following the guidance of government and public health officials.

After consulting with health experts in our field, doctors, nurses and other programs, Calo implemented the following incremental measures to provide the safest environment for your child:

  • All student travel, including home, local and Calo clubhouse visits will be postponed whenever we have active cases on campus, and we respectfully ask you to reschedule these to a later date to reduce the chances of spreading the virus in our communities.
  • All student community outings in high-traffic, social environments (such as restaurants, theaters and so forth), will be postponed. We will replace these normal activities with other fun indoor and outdoor activities and games, while practicing responsible social distancing.
  • All staff are wearing masks at Calo and encouraged to do so when out in the community as well.
  • All staff and students are wearing masks in all school and other crossover areas on campus.
  • If we have any active cases on campus all staff and students are wearing masks.
  • All employee business travel is suspended.
  • We are limiting guests to campus, to include service professionals.
  • We are limiting non-essential off-campus visits to local medical providers.
  • Students and staff are assessed daily. All staff arriving for their shift are assessed to be free of symptoms. If they have symptoms, they will be prevented from entering the program and working with our students and fellow employees.
  • Any students newly enrolling must go through a thorough medical evaluation to screen for symptoms of the virus, to include a rapid screening by our Health Services Team.

We are confident in the precautionary measures we are taking. Should any student at Calo demonstrate symptoms of being ill, we have protocols to enact a supportive quarantine of that student. We know that practicing social distancing will help us decrease the likelihood of a quarantine.

Despite evidence showing coronavirus is not particularly harmful to the population we serve, as accredited and licensed facilities, infection control is part of our everyday operations. We also want to do our part in “flattening the curve.” We are taking this very seriously. We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation around the clock. We have precautions in place to ensure our employees, families and students are safe.

We sincerely thank you for your trust in us during this complex time. We appreciate your understanding and your support of the measures we are taking to ensure your child, and all other residents at Calo, continue to be and feel safe-emotionally, mentally and physically. Please rest assured we have experienced, caring and skilled staff taking care of your child.


Nicole Fuglsang, MA, LPC
CEO/Co-Founder, Calo Programs