At Calo, we take pride in our rigorous hiring process. Our Residential Team is hired based on cultural fit. We look for people with servant hearts and growth mindsets. Calo’s coaches are the unsung heroes. Many of our front-line coaches have been with Calo for years; unheard of in a field where 1 to 2 year stints are the standard. Many of our coaches are also adopted and have deep empathy for what your child has been through.

Joshua Kelley

My name is Josh Kelley and I am the Team Lead for the Chiefs. I was raised through my high school years here at Lake of the Ozarks. In April of 2014, I became a full-time member of the Calo team. I have held multiple positions while here at Calo from a daytime coach, to overnight coach, to shift lead and now in the role of team lead of the Chiefs. I have worked in the boys program at Calo for over 3 years now and am excited to get the opportunity to work alongside the kids and be apart of their growth.

Jack Shepherd Team Lead

I am a family man with two daughters and a wife. I have a love for the outdoors. I enjoy hunting and fishing.

Chad Hickam, B.S, Masters in History Team Lead

My name is Chad Hickam, I have been at CALO for almost 1 year now and am currently a Team Lead for the Spartan’s Team. I am a single father of a great son named Riley; who is 14. Prior to coming to CALO I have served both in the military and in civil service in Law Enforcement. I have college education in various backgrounds of Exercise Science, Nutrition, History, and Criminal Justice. I also work in the fitness field and compete in Strongman Competitions(As seen on TV). I have a sports background of Football, Hockey and Rugby as well as studying the martial art of peace in Aikido. Another passion of mine is Radio where I part-time moonlight as a on-air DJ for a local radio station. I look forward in working with our students and helping in any way I can for their future success in life. Sincerely, Chad Hickam Spartan’s Team Lead

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