Clinical Therapy

The Calo therapeutic model is based on the belief that most emotional and many behavioral disturbances in young people respond best to attachment, relationship interventions.

The Calo model is based on the principles of commitment, acceptance, security, and attunement. Learn more about our Calo’s proprietary developmental trauma model here

Individual & Family Therapy

Weekly individual and family therapy is conducted by the treating therapist. At times a crisis or impasse may change the frequency of therapy. Therapy is conducted by therapists who have a master’s degree or higher. Interventions and modalities are consistent with Calo’s clinical model and are tailored to meet individual student and family needs. Calo therapists utilize cutting edge resources such as Neurofeedback and transferrable attachment with canines.

Group Therapy

Research has shown that group therapy with adolescents is highly effective; primarily because adolescents pay overwhelming attention to their peer group and try to emulate group behavior. During adolescence, the persuasion of the peer group is often far more influential than parental advice and direction. Due to the importance of the peer component to treatment, Calo students are exposed to a variety of group therapies. Groups led by therapists are often more formal, specializing in clinical topics or issues. Staff or student-led accountability groups, power groups, or transition groups are also very helpful in keeping the student community honest, open, and regulated.

Family Participation

Calo believes in a systemic approach to treatment. The family system and especially the role of parents/guardians is critical in helping students find a secure base for healthy relationships and long-term success. As a result, Calo encourages families to visit every 6-8 weeks. During these visits, as well as during family therapy sessions, family relationships and parenting are directly coached. Each student is also eligible for a weekly telephone call with parents. These phone calls are intentionally less supervised and provide an opportunity for students and families to interact genuinely.

Home and Holiday Visits

As students progress in their treatment, an important step for growth is experiencing home life without the walls and safety of Calo. Therefore, all home visits are approved by the treatment team and should be “therapeutic visits.” Please be aware that home visit policies are dramatically different depending on the needs of each family. Each student’s holiday plans will be made in accordance with his/her progress, personal needs, the needs of the family and the guidelines of the treatment team. If the student remains on campus during a holiday, family members are encouraged to spend time with their student on campus.