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Culture Winners
.  In other words, winning a culture award is the highest award we have here at Calo.  Past culture winners still at Calo are Russell See, Susi Wittrock (two time winner), Jeanna Osborn, Lonnie Lewis, and Mike Dube.  Culture winners are voted on by culture club members, past culture winners, all shift leads, some teachers, some therapists, some nurses, all team leads, therapists, and a some department heads. Please congratulate these 6 individuals for representing the best of who we are and what we do.  If you dont know how to be an effective employee we point you to these culture winners as an example.  

[userbio firstname=”Tami” lastname=”Heidbrink” caption=”2014 Service Award Winner”
quote=”Tami has gone above and beyond in her dedication to developing a cutting edge Preteen program. She has not limited herself to her educator role. She has focused on the big picture and has graciously made her talents and skills available to the whole team. Her commitment to service is apparent in her interactions with her students, their parents and her team. She has been a humble leader this past year and we are fortunate to have her.”]

[userbio firstname=”Todd” lastname=”Odell” caption=”2014 Empathy Award Winner”
quote=”Todd has a knack for making everyone around him feel cared about and at ease. This is a rare quality to have and he does it humbly, in fact, I wouldnt be surprised if he didnt realize he does this! Todds dedication to his students and staff is apparent at every turn. Every time I pass his office he is either with a student or talking with staff. He is on top of all the tasks he is given and does so with a smile, I mean really, how does he do that? My favorite thing about Todd is his humble heart. He is always willing to lend an ear, lend a hand, or just give you a smile or nod, letting everyone know that they matter to him and CALO. Todd you ABSOLUTELY ROCK!!”]

[userbio firstname=”Melia” lastname=”Moseley” caption=”2014 Trusting Relationship Award Winner”
quote=”I have watched Melia not only express empathy to our kids, but she has shown them empathy through her actions. She doesnt hesitate to join students in their emotional space and provide them with the kindness and compassion they need to feel safe, accepted and understood. During Laura Bs first onsite family visit, Melia joined our family therapy session and her ability to join with Laura and her parents was inspiring. Her words, voice and genuine empathy communicated a warmth that was felt by all in the room, including me.”]

[userbio firstname=”Travis” lastname=”Puckett” caption=”2014 Growth Award Winner”
quote=”Travis Puckett is a true example of someone who exhibits trusting relationships, empathy, growth and service not only with his colleagues but the students as well. Travis can be intimidating to some but to the girls he is a big teddy bear. It has been a great experience working side by side with Travis. Travis piloted the Sapphires team home and when we needed to create the gemstones he took ownership and the team ran smoothly. No matter what kind of day Im having Travis is able to brighten my day. Travis goes above and beyond in helping build others up. Travis works long hours but never complains rather he is making jokes and helping others see the positive work we are doing here at Calo. I fully trust in Travis to keep our students safe while also being playful and caring. Travis is able to attune with some students that others would find to be a great challenge.”]

[userbio firstname=”Jack” lastname=”Shepherd” caption=”2014 Red Wall Award Winner”
quote=”Jack epitomizes all of what calo is about. So many times Jack has been recognized for different elements of what he has done at CALO and to me is just an example of how impactful Jack is to CALO. Jack, within the past year, has done so many things for CALO that the amount is really too many to say. He attends all of the camping trips, he has stepped in on numerous times as an acting SL to gain experiences and growth, he has sat in for so many therapy sessions to help students, he facilitates different things with the students on his own time, etc.”]

[userbio firstname=”Chris” lastname=”Summers” caption=”2014 Calo Star Award Winner”
quote=”Chris is the calmest, most humble, man I have ever met. In a relatively short time at CALO, he has grown from a coach to a Shift Lead to a Team Lead, and I can only imagine how much further he will continue to grow. His sincerity in relationships with staff and students is unmatched. He is the go to person for parents within the girl’s program, and he still manages to grow his relationships at home, via tea parties with his daughter, and date nights with his wife. Chris never seems to look for what is in it for him. He has a true servant’s heart, and is always looking for someone he can bless. He does not try and push his agenda in conversations, he truly listens and seeks out what you are feeling, and what you need. He always answers in an empathetic manner, assuring that you have been heard. He works long hours, and supports, defends, teaches, and cares for all around him. Chris embodies all of CALO’s core values, and exhibits them daily. Chris is a star!”]

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