At Calo, we take pride in our rigorous hiring process. Our Residential Team is hired based on cultural fit. We look for people with servant hearts and growth mindsets. Calo’s coaches are the unsung heroes. Many of our front-line coaches have been with Calo for over 4 years; unheard of in a field where 1 to 2 year stints are the standard. Many of our coaches are also adopted and have deep empathy for what your child has been through.

Chris Summers, B.A Team Lead

Chris was born in St.Louis, MO and has lived at the lake for 5 years, but he has also lived in Ohio, Delaware, and Wisconsin. Before coming to Calo, Chris was a youth pastor and has a B.A in Youth Ministry. In the summer of 2009, Chris and his wife Mindy spent time in Los Angeles ministering to the homeless as well as to hurting teens. He has a heart for teenagers and believes Calo is the perfect fit for him. He currently resides at the lake with his wife Mindy and three children.

Melisa Kolar, B.A. in Psychology Team Lead

Melissa was born and raised just outside of Chicago, Illinois. Melissa moved to the Lake area in 2004. Her parents retired here and so she came to be close to her family. Melissa has one older sister and 2 nieces that she adores. Melissa has had a passion with working with kids since she was 14 and started life-guarding and teaching swim lessons. Working with kids has put such a happy feeling in her heart. She has done after school programs, day care, special ed and all ages from 3-18. Melissa started working at CALO in September of 2008 and worked here for just short of 2 years before making the decision to move back to Illinois to be closer to her nieces. Melissa found herself missing something in life and that was doing something that she loved. So she moved back to the Lake in August of 2014 and started working at CALO again. Melissa has her B.A. in Psychology from Columbia College. Melissa hopes to make a difference in our students lives here at CALO.

Jaasiel Mashek Team Lead

Jaasiel lives in the lake area with her husband Cody and their two children, Sailor and Ava. Growing up as a missionary kid overseas gave Jaasiel an understanding of the challenges of a cross-cultural childhood. She is passionate about working with teens, and strives daily to help them feel proud of who they are. After more than ten years working in early childhood education, Jaasiel switched gears and began working at Calo as a residential coach for the girls' program. Jaasiel is now in the role of Team Lead for the Jasmine team. She loves her job at Calo and is proud to be part of such an amazing vision!

Paul Childers Team Lead

I was born and raised in Kankakee, Il after high school I serve 5 years in the US Navy. After separating from the Navy My family and I moved here from California, In 2004 I went back to school finding myself enjoying working with people more that managing job sites and construction crew, I completed my BA in psychology in 2008, I found myself in 2009 teaching and working with autistic students and loving working with teens I finally found joy in what I was doing. During my time there I felt that I was reaching my students and finding more behavior change through the relationships I was creating with my students rather than any reward they might receive. Not agreeing with the current day use of rewards and punishments used in behavior management I left the Therapeutic day School for Autism and found Calo. Currently I have two boys a 15 year old and my 15 month old, of whom I spend much of my time with enjoying life. I have always felt the lake area as home and in the beginning of 2015 my two sons and I decided that it was time to go home.

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