I am so pleased with the services available to Austin. He may not consistently choose to access and allow such services to impact him at times, but I believe if he would, it would make a tremendous difference for him.Calo Parent
Through parenting the canines, I learned that a lot of the things my parents did to help such as discipline and boundaries were actually necessary. This helped bring understanding and gave me the support to start working on what became a nonexistent relationship with my parents. I starting working with a canine named Jake in August and fell in love. He has been my motivation through my time here at Calo. Andrew, Calo Alumni

What Professionals Say About Calo

Calo is an excellent program and maybe the only program that fully integrates an attachment-focused model for the treatment of preteens. I’ve had the privilege of working with this group of competent and dedicated professionals and have observed their work first hand. In many instances a child cannot remain safely at home. In those instances, an attachment-focused model of residential treatment is the best option–just like a parent may treat their child’s skinned knee, but would bring the child to the emergency room for a broken leg. When a child has significant trauma- related and attachment difficulties and the child, parent, or family cannot maintain safety, residential treatment is the appropriate and responsible course of treatment. Specialized treatment for children with trauma and attachment disorder is essential for the simple reason that different treatments are effective for different conditions. Attachment-focused treatment is an evidence-based, effective, and empirically validated treatment. Calo is world- class at this trauma and attachment treatment.

Arthur Becker-Weidman, Ph.D. Leading Attachment Expert, Center For Family Development

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